MOTO NOSTRA (SCI FI SERIES): I sprained my ankle 2 days before we had our shoot in the desert. I was in constant fear that if the cast and crew thought I was a tyrant they would mutiny and leave me out there to be eaten by coyotes. NEVER DOUBT (SHORT FILM) When I completed this branded short film, I had a screening party and invited the West Coast distributor for Murphy's Stout Ale who loved the short and sponsored the actual screening with product and merch. DISNEY INTERACTIVE (BRANDED CONTENT): At the House of the Mouse I got to work with many of their well known employees. But in this top ten series the biggest character was the human one in the middle. F THE PLUS (SHORT FILM): The torture device was a prop we designed out of simple, affordable materials from Home Depot, but Sean the AD (and playing the assistant) was determined to figure out how to make it actually work. Did he succeed? SHORT STORY TIME (WEB SERIES): We shot this dominatrix story gone awry at my good friend’s house in West Hollywood. When she relocated two years later, movers were surprised to find handcuffs we forgot to remove from the bedpost. COSMIC ORIGINS 3D (DOCUMENTARY): Holey crap learning to convert the NASA supplied 2D images into stereoscopic 3D was hard.